Data in 2D and 3D

Edit and select Data from a grid and draw a 2D or 3D Graph. You may view 3D data in the 3D viewer and make Contour plots and Cross-sections through Contour plots. Some statistical properties of the data may be calculated. You may also draw a histogram or the (cumulative, normalized) distribution function of selected data. You may apply a Chi-square test or a Kolmogorov-Smirnov test to compare two distributions.

Distribution function

The cumulative distribution gives the number of X-values below a certain X-value. If normalized it approaches a Distribution function (for the Y-values in the grid):

where the probability function Pf(x)dx represents the probability that y lies between x and x+dx. Below the distribution function is drawn for 30 random numbers, generated by the function Random(0.5), where 0.5 is the seed for the random number generator.

Distribution function